A Hundred Circling Camps


During the summer of 1932, over 20,000 people hopped trains to Washington D.C. and camped out to demand fair pay for veterans of the World War. The legacy of the Bonus Army is written into our laws and culture, but the march has been largely forgotten. As America protests and forgets and protests and forgets, what is carried forward? Touching on the Poor People’s Campaign, Occupy Wall Street and Standing Rock protests, A Hundred Circling Camps explores what it means to live in public as an act of resistance.

Developed through a commission from the Goodman Playwrights Unit.

July 16th, 2018 Reading, Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL. Reserve Tickets

Daisy VIolet The Bitch Beast king

Benjamin Franklin in the Ground & Field Theatre Festival

Benjamin Franklin in the Ground & Field Theatre Festival

Up in their attic, sisters Josephine and Henrietta create a new sister for their family; she's monstrous and violent and embodies everything they've dreamed of: the rage of children, the fury of girls. Plus there's that wild hunger, an explosion of beauty products, a weird doll named Benjamin Franklin.

Oct 5 & 6, 2018 Production, Ground & Field Festival, UC Davis, California

2018 Reading, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, Alaska

2017 Finalist, Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference

2016 staged reading, PTP/NYC After Darks, Atlantic Stage 2, NYC. Dir: Ariel Francoeur

2015 public reading, University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop

Silo Tree

Lailah guides souls through her house to the world of the dead. Lou and Wiley meet up again after ten years. The coywolves run in the night. Silo Tree is a pause on the bridge, a collection of lives in liminal space, and a memory that rolls forward as its surface is blown backward by the wind.

2015 production, Iowa New Play Festival, University of Iowa. Dir: Nina Morrison.

2014 public reading, Iowa Playwrights Workshop.

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thing with feathers

Ruby, Jade, and Cove fall in and out of love with each other as their world crumbles. Ruby and Cove share an inexplicable ability to change into birds. As society disintegrates in the face of climate catastrophe, these three queer women find new ways to build their lives. Plus there’s a huge flock of birds. Also a midnight conversation with an owl. Part myth, part apocalyptic fairy tale, part love story, thing with feathers is about survival, transformation, and hope.

2015 Semifinalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference

2014 Gallery Production, University of Iowa. Dir: Nina Morrison.

2014 public reading, Iowa playwrights workshop.

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Quiet, Witches

photo credit: Eric Stone

photo credit: Eric Stone

Four DC teenagers trespass onto the abandoned grounds of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. When Zadie tries to contact the ghost of her great-aunt, she accidentally summons a chorus of muses aching to be set free. Zadie, Max, Daniela, and Amina find themselves grappling not only with their own prejudices and suspicions, but with the complicated and unique history of their shared city.

2015 Production, Berlin Brandenburg International School, Germany.

2014 Workshop Production, University of Iowa. Dir: Nina Morrison.

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